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Asparagus - squeakily fresh

Luscious, sweet spears of asparagus, dripping in melted butter, are one of the highlights of the food year. But asparagus is a tender crop; the sugars start turning to starch as soon as it is picked, which means the quicker you can get it from field to fork the better.


We harvest and sell fresh every day - during the all-too-short season.


The start of the season is traditionally St George's Day (23 April), but asparagus is a very weather-dependent crop, and we could be picking a fortnight before that. Check back here for updates, or look out for the banners on the A359.


And the end of the season is Midsummer

asparagus pic

Day - a mere two months, so we suggest you eat as much as you can during May and June!


Asparagus is shockingly easy to cook but we have collected some brilliant recipes for the more adventurous - please ask to see our files. Try roasting or griddling it to intensify the flavours; dip the spears in a soft-boiled egg for the most luxurious Sunday brunch; or mix the tips with broad beans, fresh peas, Guernsey cream, Parmesan and a squeeze of lemon juice to create a pasta sauce that spells the real start of summer.


Did we mention how healthy it is? Stuffed full of vitamins, fibre, trace elements and folic acid - each spear is a little powerhouse of nutritional value.




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